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Shared Housing

Outreach Ministry

There are 3,200 homeless in Sonoma County. On top of that, rents are very high and there is little affordable housing available.

Catholic Charities has several hundred people in their transitional housing programs. They are completely full. They have developed a process to place people for a limited time in people’s homes. They are available to help with the process. This new program at Catholic Charities is call SHARED HOUSING and Our Lady of Guadalupe is piloting this program.

If you are a homeowner, please consider the following opportunities:

  1. Do you need additional funds?

Many homeless have an income and can pay $500 to $ 700 a month

  1. Do you need help?

If you are getting close to needing assisted living and want to stay in your home as long as possible, you can get help with driving, house and yard work, etc. Assisted living can cost way over $5,000 a month.

  1. Do you want to share your blessings?

If you have extra room, consider sharing for a period of time. Joe and Judy Tembrock shared their home with a homeless family. The family was able to save enough money to rent an apartment.

Pope Francis is challenging all of us to make a difference. How many of you know someone this is homeless or close to being homeless?

Shared Housing processes are in place already:

  1. There are qualification forms for the homeowner and the tenant.
  2. The length of stay is defined.
  3. The home owner interviews prospective tenants and chooses the tenant.
  4. Catholic Charities is available to help with issues.
  5. The housing agreement is between the homeowner and the tenant.

The link below will provide a brochure with all the information about Shared Housing. If you are interested, Joe Tembrock (707-568-6061 or 707-548-9729) would be happy to discuss how this might work for you.

 If you know someone else who might be interested, feel free to pass on the information.

Click HERE for a copy of the informational brochure.

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