Our Lady of Guadalupe...

"I am the ever-virgin Mary, Mother of the true God who gives life and maintains its existence. He creates all things. He is in all places. He is the God of Heaven and Earth.
I desire a church in this place where your people may experience my compassion.
All those who sincerely ask my help in their work and in their sorrows will know my Mother's Heart in this place. Here I will see their tears; I will console them and they will be at peace. Call me and call my image Santa Maria de Guadalupe."

Volunteer Opportunities

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
~ Aesop

The mission of the Volunteer Program is to enhance and extend Our Lady of Guadalupe’s ability to provide services through training, relationship development, and by connecting people with opportunities to serve our parish and its ministries.

Click on links below for information about the OLG Volunteer Opportunities:

Current Openings For Volunteers

Click on the link to get extended information and contact information for application.

Ministry Volunteer Requests:

    Ministry: Ride to Mass
  • Needs volunteers to provide transportation to Mass at OLG. Contact: Joe Tembrock 568-6061
    or email jtembrock@sbcglobal.net

    • Collection Counters
    •  Counters needed on Monday mornings to help count the collection from the weekend masses.
      Contact Gini Christani at the MAF office or call 707 837-7620
      Ministry: Publications/Bulletin
    • Needs volunteers for assembling and folding bulletins weekly Thursday mornings after Mass
       in Room Y/MAF Center.
       For more information contact Sonia Arreguin at 707 791-5883 or email arreguinsonia@gmail.com

    Contact Chris Nantell at jimandchrisnanman@gmail.com  (707) 836-1143

    or Rosa Reynoza at rosa_reynoza@yahoo.com for more information.



    Ongoing Weekly Needs

    Requires training and a commitment of a few hours each week

    • Helping in the Church and Hall offices answering phones, data entry and filing
    • Helping in church with cleaning and parish hall with cleaning and equipment inventory
    • Helping reset tables and chairs for events in parish hall
    • Caring for rosebushes, flower beds and shrubs

    Skilled Projects and Support

    • Electrical repairs in buildings and parking lot
    • Plumbing repairs in hall kitchen and restrooms
    • Irrigation system repairs for lawns and flower beds
    • Roofing repairs - flat and tile roofs
    • Carpentry repair - doors and cabinetry
    • Masonry repairs - floors, steps and tile flooring
    • Painting curbs, handicap spaces and parking lot lines
    • Painting classrooms
    • Repairing chairs and tables
    • Power washing the courtyard and front of the church

    Fundraising Activities and Events

    • Serve on one of the Fundraising Committees
      • Valentines Day Dinner Dance
      • Golf Tournament
      • Kermes
      • Dances
      • Madonna's Annual Sale
    • Planned Giving Program

    Ministry Programs

    • Religious Education teachers
    • Baptism Instructor
    • Marriage Preparation instructor (Couple)