Our Lady of Guadalupe

"I am the ever-virgin Mary, Mother of the true God who gives life and maintains its existence. He creates all things. He is in all places. He is the God of Heaven and Earth.
I desire a church in this place where your people may experience my compassion.
All those who sincerely ask my help in their work and in their sorrows will know my Mother's Heart in this place. Here I will see their tears; I will console them and they will be at peace. Call me and call my image Santa Maria de Guadalupe."


Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage! We are happy that you chose Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church for the celebration of your wedding. We look forward to working with both of you as you plan your wedding day and prepare for your life together in marriage.

Making Initial Preparations

  1. Setting the Date - Before setting the date for your wedding, contact the parish office.
    We require six months’ notice. The date will not be confirmed until you have had a
    meeting with the priest/deacon. No plans are to be finalized until this meeting has
    taken place. The priest/deacon will confirm the availability of the church for your
    wedding ceremony and his availability to officiate.
  2. Either the bride or groom must be Catholic and a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. However, if there is a significant reason, permission may be given for members of other parishes to be married at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Prior Marriages - If either person has been married before, there are additional
issues to be resolved before setting a date for a Catholic ceremony. This takes extra
time so please allow for it when setting your date. This must be discussed with the
priest/deacon and resolved before proceeding with the wedding plans.

Officiating Priest or Deacon - You may choose any priest/deacon in the parish to
officiate at your wedding. We welcome priests and deacons from outside the parish
to officiate at your wedding if you so choose.

Financial Responsibility - Your financial contribution to the parish helps with the work
of the parish and the maintenance of the church building. The fee for Our Lady of
Guadalupe parishioners is $575.00. This is for those who are registered members of
the parish and who regularly support the parish financially through the use of weekly
offertory envelopes or the PayPal program. The fee for all others is $600.00.
Half the amount should be paid at the time the priest/deacon confirms the date of the
wedding. The remainder should be paid one month before the wedding. Make
checks payable to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. If you wish to give a personal gift
to the priest/deacon, this is separate from the church. A cleaning deposit of $75.00 is
included in the fee and will be refunded after the wedding provided the church is left in good condition

Marriage Preparation Requirements

Meetings with the Priest/Deacon - The priest/deacon officiating at your wedding will
schedule a number of meetings with you. These meetings will include discussions on
Christian marriage based on our Catholic teachings, and completing the paperwork
for the church record and helping you plan the wedding ceremony.

Diocesan Preparation Program - The Diocese of Santa Rosa requires all couples to
participate in either:

1. Marriage for Life: This program is available to all engaged couples and space is
guaranteed. This program satisfies the Diocese of Santa Rosa requirement for
marriage preparation. Call Joe & Connie D’Aura at (415) 664-8108 or
2. Prepare: This is done through Loyola Counseling Institute and involves three
sessions with one of their marriage counselors. To sign-up for this program
call 526-1167.
3. Our Lady of Guadalupe has several couples available to assist you through the marriage preparation
program. They were chosen because they best portray marriage in various stages. A lengthy marriage is
not the only indicator of a good marriage. Our couples represent a commitment that includes, among other things, a firm footing in Christ and the church.
Please call the Parish Office for more information and to sign up. (707) 837-8962

Church Record of the Marriage - The prenuptial personal information provided by the
bride and groom and the witness information provided by a parent or family member
will be filled out by the priest/deacon. In case of a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic,
the bishop must give permission for the wedding. For this to happen, the Catholic
party must sign the Declaration and Promise form. This states the intention of the
Catholic to continue practicing his/her Catholic Faith and to raise the children in the
Catholic Church.

Documents Required:

1. Catholics must provide recent Baptism Certificates. These are obtained by contacting the church in which the baptism took place.
2. Copies of First Communion and Confirmation when available.
3. The non-Catholic, if baptized, needs to provide a copy of his/her baptism. To get
a certificate, contact the church in which the baptism took place.
4. Filling out prenuptial forms with priest/deacon
5. Marriage license, no more than 60 days before wedding date

Marriage License - You can obtain a Marriage License by going to the County
Clerk’s Office in any county within the state. The wedding must take place within 90
days from the day the license is issued. Present it to the priest/deacon at the time of the rehearsal.
The best man and maid of honor(the two witnesses) sign it after the ceremony.

Planning the Ceremony:

Once the date is finalized, this will entitle you to the use of the Church 30 minutes prior to your scheduled event and thirty minutes after, provided the service does not exceed one hour. Due to the high number of events scheduled, it is critical to begin the ceremony on time. Any tardiness will take away from time allotted to picture taking after the ceremony.


A. Items NOT to use: Masking tape, cellophane tape, nails, staples, tacks, etc. Decorations may NOT obstruct the view of the altar, nor be placed ON the altar. Large pillars are not allowed. No balloons, bubbles, flower petals (real or silk), confetti, glitter, birdseed, rice or any other substance are to be thrown in the church or on the church grounds. The use of these items is dangerous, ruins the marble floors, and causes insurance problems.

B. CANDLES: Must be approved. Due to insurance reasons, candles can not be lit except for the Unity Candles and the approved altar candles.

C.FLOWERS: You may make arrangements with any florists; however, we do NOT have baskets, pots, or vases for your use. Flowers are to be delivered the day of the wedding, 1/2 hour before the ceremony unless pre-approval is given. One large bouquet is required to be left in the church and on the Sanctuary for the weekend masses.

D. PEW BOWS: Pew bows MUST be on pew hooks which can be purchased at a florist. NO scotch tape or cellophane tape should be used as it destroys the wood finish on the pews.

E. AISLE RUNNER: NO aisle runners are allowed due to the danger of slipping on white marble flooring.

F. MUSIC: Taped or pre-recorded music is NOT permitted. Specific fees for instrumentalist, Mariachis, or vocalists should be discussed with the individual parties. Their payment is separate from the Church. Music performed by groups outside the Catholic Church must be approved.

G. PICTURES: The taking of pictures and videos is allowed during and after the ceremony. The altar area is off-limits to photographers during the ceremony. If your celebration starts late it will cut into your picture taking time after the ceremony.

Two months prior to the wedding, please contact the wedding coordinator to set up the time for rehearsal. Please be sure to bring your marriage license to the rehearsal.

Your Wedding Day!

The bride, the groom, and the wedding parties are to arrive at the church a minimum of 30 minutes before the ceremony. We do not have a Bride Room. The wedding is expected to start on time as there may be another wedding service after yours.

Again, congratulations! We look forward to celebrating your wedding with you. May God bless you and strengthen your love and respect for each other. And we pray that the commitment you make to each other before the Lord, never ends.

The Priest and staff at Our Lady of Guadalupe



Thank you for your cooperation.